Zagg has finally done it! Recently at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas two pretty awesome products were released by the company, both the invisibleSHIELD On Demand and the invisibleSHIELD GLASS have been announced and shown off at their booth. Honestly the GLASS product has been, for me, one of the best things i’ve seen so far at CES. Though it is very simple and some similar products are already at market I am simply in love with this product.


This product is actually a piece of tempered glass layered with a new version of their previous technology! It is only 0.4mm thick and it has a 9H hardness rating, and it is not only 100% clear but it almost makes the screen of my Galaxy S4 look like it has moved beyond the full 1920 x 1080 screen that it has. It has not only done nothing to distort my screen but it has made it look even better!

I have been both an avid invisibleSHIELD user and supporter since they first came out. I knew that I would want a screen protector for the screen of my devicse and after doing a bit of looking I happened to end up at an invisibleSHIELD booth at my local mall. The first attraction was their old demo video [Here] and after watching it along with the strength video I was very interested! Zagg has come a very long way in the four years since that video has been produced and I have used their product on every single one of my portable devices along with recommending it to many people!

Recently as I placed my phone in my pocket the screen protector got caught on my keys because I had done a poor job of applying it to the front of the device and I had to take it off so I was without a screen protector coming into CES. I was actually planning on running to the store and buying a new invisibleSHIELD to place on my device later in the week but as I walked by the Zagg booth and saw their new products I got curious and found out that they were doing demonstrations though I was confused on exactly how you could demonstrate a screen protector other than trying to scratch it up which most people already know how difficult it is to scratch up their product. However I got much more than was expected their excellent customer service I was not only given a new screen protector at no cost to myself but they gave me their brand new product that was announced at the CES event!

invisibleSHIELD GLASS Samsung Galaxy 4

invisibleSHEILD GLASS is one of the nicest screen protectors I have come across in all of my time with electronic devices, I did screen repairs for years on iPhones and always suggested to people that they invest in an invisibleSHIELD and this product is no different, it beats the best HD screen protectors on the market. It is smooth, completely clear, applies with NO bubbles at all, and fades away at the edges allowing most cases to work perfectly fine without peeling it up on the sides! The gentleman who was kind enough to give us a look at this product by putting it on my device not only made my day but has so far made my week! For me, at this moment I think this is one of the best things (related to mobile device accessories) that I have seen at this year’s CES event!

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