GS4 Anti Apple Commercial

There are certain things in the technology world that will never change and one of those things is the amount of hatred that flows between Samsung and Apple. I could spend the next 10 hours talking about why this is but why should I when I could just have all of you watch the commercial that Samsung put out!  The commercial itself makes very little sense but it is funnier than hell.  I will give my two cents after the commercial!

So what did you think of it? Crazy right?

I think we can officially call this the weirdest anti-Apple commercial to date.  I can semi understand what they are trying to state when the guy cannot get what he wants out of an apple but when the dancing ninjas show up, I just gave up trying to figure out what was going through the heads of those in change of Iceland’s Samsung marketing team.

Overall, the commercial is just plain confusing. At the beginning Samsung is telling customers that if they really want functionality out of their phone, they should avoid the plain, unoriginal Apple phone and get the Galaxy S4.  By the time the second half starts to play out though, it is just plain confusing.  Is could either be a way to be mocking the iPhone or just a simple tactic to get people to watch the commercial.  I do not think anyone knows for sure.

So, would watching this commercial make you decide to buy the S4 over an iPhone? Let us know!

Source | Samsung Iceland

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino