The WakaWaka Power Plus is a very versatile, solar powered device that can be used as both a light and a phone charger! The Power Plus is a new generation of the device that was originally cane to market through two Kickstarter campaigns that both not only reached their goal but exceed it! The first Kickstarter campaign [Here] was funded at 161% and the second [Here] was funded by a whopping 838% putting it at the top end of the most funded list in its category. Now in 2014 they will be announcing the Power Plus which is offering “More Light, More Power, and More Efficiency with a 23% Efficient Solar Charger”, It also takes “only”12-15 hours to get a full charge in the sun which, when considering that it is free power, seems pretty nice. In all it’s a great little device that I think would nicely replace most safety lights and a lot of portable chargers.


Battery 3000 mAh (4 indicator LEDs)

LiPo Solar panel 1150 mWatt (22% efficiency)

LED 2 LEDs (110 lumen/Watt Max light output)

Indicator LEDs Solar Charge (1), USB charging (1), Battery Power (4)

Colors Black, White, Yellow

Dimensions 121 x 17 x 78 mm

Weight ~ 220 grams


For More Info about the Waka Waka Click Here

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Alex Crupi

Alex Crupi

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