Two new smart watches have been introduced to the world today after the announcement of Android Wear from Google. The two companies that seem to have been working in collaboration with Google and the new software are LG and Motorola.

LG G Smartwatch



LG announced there new device and have named it the LG G Watch. No specific details about the device itself have been revealed as of yet, but it is said that the watch will be released sometime next quarter. All we can really gather from this time is that the device is taking advantage of the new Android Wear software and that this watch will also feature a square face design.




Motorola announced their own smart watch not long after Google’s announcement, named the Moto360. As one might guess from the name this smart watch features a round face design instead or a square of rectangular one that we are all too familiar with (Sony Smartwatch 2, Pebble, Samsung Gear 2). While Motorola also doesn’t go into great depth about hardware specs they did release a preview video debuting the device what the inspiration was behind it.

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