htc-one-2In an effort to steal away the crowd from other phone companies ahead of them such as Samsung and Apple HTC has bet it all on one new flagship smartphone. That new smartphone has been named the HTC One. Revealed at two events simultaneously in New York and London, the HTC one is packed full with all the latest and greatest technology. Not only is the device technologically beautifully it is also physically beautiful. Crafted from premium metals and deemed the most good looking smartphone ever there was obviously an amazing amount of work and detail put into this device.


Just to give you an idea of how great this phone looks almost the entire front of the phone is dedicated to screen real estate. The screen is a 4.7 inch LCD (1080p) that is able to display 468 pixels per inch. HTC has so much confidence in this screen that they have gone as far as to say that the screen is the most impressive viewing experience of any phone it has created. Not only is HTC boasting about the screen but they are also making a big deal about the chassis and believe me they have every right to. The chassis of the HTC One is entirely aluminum and was made using a zero-gap unibody design. Since we’re on the subject of the front of the device let’s get to something else impressive that HTC has included on the face of the One. Dual speakers, yes I said it dual speakers on the front of the phone, one on the top of the screen and one on the bottom. Paired with a built in amplifier and the amazing Beats technology, HTC calls the system BoomSound.

Now let’s get down to the big question you all are chomping at the bit to know the answer to, what are the specs? Let me just start off by saying the HTC One definitely won’t disappoint. The HTC features a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor which is Qualcomm’s latest and greatest mobile processor. When it comes to phone memory the HTC One will come in two configurations, a stock 32GB version and a beefed up 64GB version. Take note that both of those are internal storage. Both of these versions, the 32GB and the 64GB will feature 2GB of RAM.

Moving onto the battery which is becoming the most important aspect for a lot of consumers. The HTC One contains a 2,300mAH battery which by the way is embedded. That may not sound super impressive compared to some other smartphones available today but the HTC One is supposed to have great battery life according to HTC.

Now your probably wondering if HTC has made any significant changes to the software portion with the release of this phone? The answer is a big yes. First off the HTC comes with the latest version of Jelly Bean installed with HTC’s Sense UI on top of it. But it’s the the Sense that were all used to, it’s had some significant changes made to it. The first thing that HTC has done is add something they are calling BlinkFeed, a home screen that displays live dynamic tiles from various news and websites. It reminds me of the popular news app Flipboard. Second HTC has done something surprising, they have scrapped their iconic weather clock widget and put the same information at the top of your screen in a much more low key way. The last but certainly not least software change that HTC has made to Sense is feature an IR blaster in the phone that let’s users command their TV’s with the HTC Sense TV app and also keep track of local programs.

We have one more thing to talk about folks and that is the camera that HTC One sports. HTC has always focused on bringing it’s users great cameras on their smartphones and the HTC One continues that tradition. The camera features an updated ImageSense system, new ImageChip 2 hardware, and a completely redone light sensor. The new sensor is called the UltraPixel sensor and according to HTC it is only able to capture 4 megapixels but the size of the sensor means that the pixels will be much more detailed than any smartphone camera available. The result is a camera that is able to capture an amazing 300 percent more light than any other smartphone camera. On the video side HTC has incorporated something they are calling Zoe which let’s you record 3-second videos and share them with anybody.

Overall the HTC One has definitely set the bar for any flagship smartphone to follow and is going to give companies like Samsung and Apple a very difficult run for their money. We here at AndroidMeter are very curious to see how this phone sells once it hits the market in March. The 32GB version will cost $199 and the 64GB version will cost $299. It will be available on Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

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Nicholas Terry