Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia was recently approved and with that acquisition we surely thought we would see the Android based Nokia X line of smartphones die off, but maybe not according to Stephen Elop. Stephen Elop is currently the Vice President of Microsoft’s Devices and Services unit and he had the following to say about the Nokia X line:

“Microsoft acquired the mobile phones business, inclusive of Nokia X, to help connect the next billion people to Microsoft’s services. Nokia X uses the MSFT cloud, not Google’s. This is a great opportunity to connect new customers to Skype, and Onedrive for the first time. We’ve already seen tens of thousands of new subscribers on MSFT services.

We are using AOSP to attack a specific market opportunity, but we are being thoughtful to do it in a way that accrues benefit to Microsoft and to Lumia.”

Essentially what Elop is saying is that they will keep the Nokia X line of smartphones in order to offer cheap intro devices into Microsoft services such as Skype. This definitely makes sense and we are glad to see Microsoft keep some form of Android on some of their devices.

Source | Android Headlines

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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

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Nicholas Terry