Leaked 4.4 Screenshot

Leaked 4.4 Screenshot | Keyboard

Since the moment that Google announced that version 4.4 of Android would be codenamed Kit-Kat, pictures, videos, and information about the Nexus 5 and Kit-Kat have been leaking out all over the internet.  It seems like there are now a couple of leaks that have come directly from Google and someone who has had their hands on a version of Android 4.4.

Difference Between "4.4" and 4.3

Difference Between “4.4” and 4.3

As you can see from above, the top half of the image was pulled from the leaked image above compared to the debug icon and clock from 4.3.  The leaked keyboard picture was pulled from the latest screenshots that were uploaded with the Korean keyboard IME onto Google Play.  The screenshot shows the old Key Lime Pie debug icon and is a different color.

9to5Google received a couple of screenshots that are supposed to be of redesigned stock applications including the messaging and phone dialer.  In addition to these apps, there are screenshots of the settings showing the Android version (4.4) and build number (KWS62B). Finally, the last screenshot is of the homescreen.  One thing that all four of these pictures show is that the redesigned operating system and applications have a new flatter, colorful look to them.

If there is one major change to the look of the redesign besides the flatter, colorful look is that the notification bar looks like it changes color. When the phone is in the settings menu, the notification bar is gray. When the phone is in the messaging and phone dialer applications, the notification color changes to green and blue respectively.

Another aspect of the four pictures that is different is that the debug icon has changed again.  This time, the icon is of  an object that looks like a box/Kit-Kat wrapper with a giant “K” in the middle of it. This is of course different than the Androidfied Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie slice that are the 4.3 debug icon and the leaked 4.4 icons.

Of course we do not know if any of these “leaks” are real or going to show up in the final build that goes public but we can guess that the keyboard screenshot is real because it came from Google’s slip-up.  The four “leaked” screenshots from 9to5Google could be real and they might be fake. Time will only tell.

Hopefully we will get confirmed news about the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit-Kat on October 14th.

Source | 9to5Google | Android Police

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