While perusing the Play Store recently I stumbled upon an old favorite iOS game of mine, spelltower. This game was originally only available for iOS and was very popular in it’s time, so popular that you could walk into any Apple Store and find it pre-installed on most of the display devices. I used to love this game and play it all the time along with Draw Something when it was at the height of it’s popularity. So seeing this app on the Play Store made me giddy and I of course immediately downloaded it, to my happy surprise the game played as well as I remembered it played on my iPod Touch.

At this point those of you who aren’t aware of what spelltower actually is let me explain it to you. Spelltower is a word game which i’m sure you can take away from the name, you start out with a grid of letters and you have to find words in that grid and each word depending on it’s length and letters gives you points. There are special letters which will be highlighted blue in the grid and if you can manage to incorporate those letters into a word then you will be rewarded with much more points for that word. But it does’t stop there folks it gets better, there are four unique game types you can choose from to play; Tower Mode, Puzzle Mode, Ex Puzzle Mode, Rush Mode. Tower Mode is the simple original game type, you get a 150 letter grid and try to get as many points as possible with no time limit. Puzzle Mode starts you with a grid of letters filling half of your screen and each time you get a word another row gets added on top of the existing rows, if the letters reach the top of your screen you lose. As for Ex Puzzle Mode i’ll let you figure that one out on your own. As for Rush Mode rows add quickly over time making you have to quickly find words without letting the letters reach the top of your screen.

If this game sounds anything like something you’d enjoy then trust me you will. Or if your a fan of the popular game Words With Friends then you’ll definitely love this. This game hasn’t gathered much attention and I don’t see why because it is without a doubt one of the simple and zen type games available on the Play Store. As for the price it is $1.99 and definitely worth it.

Google Play Download Link: spelltower


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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

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Nicholas Terry