Spirit HD is one of those gold-master apps that you find occasionally lurking in the Mobile App Market World. For only $0.99, you will get the tablet and phone version At that price it is a steal for the countless hours of fun you will have. It has the same addictivness that got people hooked to  Angrybirds, so expect to keep playing it for a long time.

The game is really simple and fun, you are a Spirit in a dimensional full of enemies that are trying to kill you. Your objective is to guide Spirit to avoid the numerous different types of enemies, and distort space around them to create a “wormhole” to suck up the enemies to a different dimension. As you guide Spirit, with your finger, he will leave a trail behind him which you loop together to create a “wormhole”, sort of like what you would have done in the game Snake in the old Nokia phones. The game surprisingly requires skill and strategy. There are moments when I found myself making small “wormholes” to avoid being hit by the on slaughterer of enemies or really big ones to send them spiraling into another dimension quickly. It is one of those adrenaline pumped games that gets your heart beating and palms sweaty as you close up on your high score or when the uncountable amounts of enemies come after you.

Of course, that is not all to the game. Being an arcade game they added in various  game play types: Classic, Extreme, and Pulse. Extreme is just a faster paced version of classic with more advanced enemies showing up in greater numbers and earlier.

Pulse, my favorite, is a completely different story. The controls are the same as the other modes but, you can not draw your own “wormholes”. Instead there are floating circles, that have a outer blue ring and inner purple ring,which you touch in order to create “wormholes”. The “wormhole’s” size will be dependent on how big the inner purple ring contained within the circle was.


The best part about Spirit is the gorgeous visuals, which make the game all that more impressive. Spirit HD reminds me more of Physics than ghosts. The circles that create “wormholes” remind me of strings from the String Theory. It’s visuals just sometime’s put you in a trance and hypnotize you. The app was very will thought out by the developers, everything from the  distortion of the space around Spirit, the neon bright enemies,and music leave you wanting for more.

We, at AndroidMeter will give Spirit HD two thumbs up and definetly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun game to kill some time. There will be times when you want to throw your phone or tablet out the window, due to the difficulty of some levels, but nonetheless you will enjoy the game. And remember it’s avaible on iOS and Android for $00.99 for a limited time for both tablet and phone versions.

(Click on the links below to purchase the game)

Android Market: http://goo.gl/xK4oO

Apple Market: http://goo.gl/UEcKd

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino