Cases are a standard and often must-have accessory to protect our various devices from the everyday dangers presented by the world around us.  Although there is a large variety of them to select from across all platforms, most only provide a degree of protection and the ability to customize the outside of your phone.  Prong has set to change this with their innovative case the PocketPlug.

The PocketPlug is a phone case that combines the protection of a decent sized case integrated with a portable and efficient wall charger.  While previously in order to be able to charge a phone while on the go a person would need to bring a wall adapter and charging cable, with the PocketPlug though, only the phone and its case is needed.


The way the case works is that it has the two prongs of the plug folded horizontally on the back, slightly above the bottom of the phone.  They fold out simultaneously when you push on one making it very simple to set up for charging as needed.  Of course there is also micro USB port built into the side of the case to allow charging via a cable.

Despite how awesome including a charger in a case is, it would be irrelevant if the case did not provide adequate protection to the device it is on.  The PocketPlug does succeed in this area though due to its high-grade polycarbonate construction which has a soft-touch finish to help prevent drops from happening in the first place.

Although at this moment the PocketPlug is only available for the iPhone 5/5s, and 4/4s, we were told that they are working on developing the PocketPlug for various Android devices and should be releasing them in the near future.

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Nathan Buth

Currently I am enrolled as a student at Full Sail University pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Mobile Development.I originally was brought deeper into the tech world after getting an OG Droid and obsessively changing the custom ROM and theme it was running on at minimum a weekly basis.In 2012 I luckily managed to get a ticket to I/O and became a Glass Explorer.Since then I have worked on a startup as a mobile programmer, attended Glass Foundry, and received Glass.My primary device is a GS3 which I use alongside a Nexus 4, a Nexus 7, a Pebble, and Glass.