Phonebloks, the insanely viral modular phone idea is becoming more of a reality. Project Ara, Google Advanced Technology and Projects group’s prototype of this idea is almost at a functional level. At the Launch Conference Paul Eremenko, a member of ATAP, took the stage to show off a mockup of what Ara could one day look like and even showed off some functioning pieces from the project.


From the above video we learn a good deal about the hardware and functionality of Project Ara and how it will hopefully shape the future of mobile devices. The first thing we learned is that Google wants to release the a “gray phone” version of the Ara for around $50. This starting kit would include the body of the phone, screen, wifi module, battery, and cheap memory and processor to allow the user to get started with the phone.

After buying into the modular phone, they would be able to buy different components from any manufacturer. For example, if Bose made a high quality speaker for the phone and the user wanted the best sound system they could afford on their Ara, they would swap out components that are already installed on the device and swap this Bose speaker into it. Another very intriguing aspect of the phone is that the different modules are user serviceable meaning they can get access to the internal components of each chip. This functionality also means that people can change the external look of each module by buying 3rd party accessories or even 3D printing their own custom designs.

We will know even more about the project and the Module Development Kit (MDK) at Ara’s Conference in April.

Via | Android Authority

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino