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One of the main reasons that I love using Android and Google services in particular is because of the way their applications all work together.  With Google I/O quickly approaching, the rumors of new devices and applications are starting to come out.  One of the biggest rumors going around that would actually be awesome if it came out is an all-in-one messaging app that would bring together Google Talk, Voice, G+ messenger, and any other chat service that would go through Google’s servers.  The supposedly  leaked screenshots of the Babble app looks like G+ Messenger with some thrown in features from Google Drive, Keep, and YouTube.  In addition to those thrown in features, Babble will supposedly feature embedded pictures and real-time voting (probably part of Keep as well).

droid-life babble critics

Above is the same picture of the “leaked” Google Babble application but Droid-Life pointed out certain things that make these screenshots  seem fake.  In my opinion, I like the idea of the Babble Messenger but I hope this is not the actual app.  I believe when this actually does come out at I/O, it will be awesome and work seamlessly just like all of Google’s application.

Source | 9to5Google | Droid-Life

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino