Today’s world is overwhelmed with technology, especially by the piece of technology we all have in our pocket, our phones. Chances are that if you’re reading this it’s not just any phone it’s a smartphone and a damn good one at that. It’s because of this that we sometimes forget that most people don’t own a top of the line flagship smartphone because they aren’t ‘techies.’ For most people they just want a decent smartphone that gets them through the day and does the basic tasks they need it to do on a daily basis. So I decided to be a little bit of a weirdo and go around and ask my co-workers what phones they owned because they are everyday people, definitely not ‘techies.’ I got some pretty interesting answers and here they are phone by phone:

LG Motion


iPhone 5


Galaxy S4 (2)


iPhone 4S


Kyocera Presto


ZTE Supreme


Obviously some of these phones are much better than others when it comes to specs and performance but the point is that there is so much diversity. This article doesn’t really serve any other purpose than to show how diverse smartphone usage is but it is something beautiful to realize. For instance, take a look at the Kyocera Presto. It’s a small brick-looking phone that I would safely bet cannot do much but it serves a very important purpose in someone’s life and it’s all they want in a phone and that’s beautiful. Now lets not skim over the fact that there are some top of the line phones in the list as well such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the ZTE Supreme because they definitely stand out where I work because the people who own them take full advantage of them. They use them to use complicated apps and games because their lives demand phones that can do so. But what I want you to take away from this article is that next time you see a flip phone on the street don’t scoff at it and pull out your Galaxy Note 3, instead think of the fact that the person who owns that phone has made it work with their lifestyle and that is the real beauty of phone diversity.

Image Source | PhoneArena

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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

(Author) - I am currently attending college to receive my degree in Computer Science with a pipe dream to someday work at Google. I love everything about android and smartphones and always love learning more about them or anything else tech wise. I also love developing Android apps and learning new types of code in my spare time. My current devices I use are my LG Optimus G and Nexus 7, Pebble watch is still on the way.
Nicholas Terry