The football season has officially started and everybody is watching their favorite teams on TV. But what if you cant get to a TV, how do you keep up with your favorite team’s score? You use an app on the Play Store called NFL ’12. It’s free to download and full of great features that will have you using it every time you can’t get to a TV.

I’m gonna start by talking about the apps layout and user interface. It’s great, nice to look at, and easy to use which makes you smile every time you launch the app. Before I started using this app I was using the ESPN  Score Center app but once I saw how pretty the interface was and how easy this app was to use I now use it all the time. From the “Home” of the app you can select a week which you want to view and it will pull up every game scheduled for that week so you can check when your teams next game will be. You are also prompted to choose your favorite team the first time you launch the app and from the Home Screen you see that team’s latest game score at the top. You scroll down on the home screen to see a list of games being played that week and if one of the games is currently being played it will update the scores live. Click on any game and it pulls up a field view, every play that was made or is being made live, matchups, and injuries.

Next lets talk about it’s ease of use in everyday life and how well it’s “Live Score Updates” actually works. I’ve been using this app while I watched games live on TV to see how quickly it actually updated the scores. You can set it to update the scores every 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute, and let me tell you that it works perfectly. I also used the app to keep track of two games that happened today that I couldnt watch while I was off at college and it keep me up to date with the scores great. All I had to do was pull my phone out of my pocket and launch the app and the scores were right there for me to see. It’s great because this app was made by the NFL themselves.

You can also order tickets to games on this app, see teams schedules on a calender, watch highlights videos, buy official NFL memorabilia and keep track of your NFL fantasy team. This app is amazing and very easy to use and great to look at, I definitely recommend getting it. The only thing I didnt like about it is that I couldnt find a way for it to send me push notifications whenever a certain team scored or to tell me the final score of  game. That was a bit of an inconvenience but not a deal breaker by any means. And as a side note if any of you tablet users want this app then your gonna have to wait because this app isnt compatible with tablets yet but fear not they are working on it.

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

(Founder | Editor-in-Chief) - I am currently a student at the University of Nevada, Reno getting my degree in Computer Science.I have been fortunate to work with some brilliant people in the technology industry and plan to continue so for the rest of my life.I am currently using a Nexus 5, a Nexus 7 (2013), and a Nexus 10. Additionally, I am one of the first Glass Explorers with Google Glass and loving it!
Justin Duino

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