The Google Search app had an update today as I’m sure some of you noticed and with it came a nice little unusual change, at least for Nexus 5 owners. Nexus 5’s homescreen launcher was renamed to “Google Now Launcher” after the update which is completely out of the blue. Even people who had sideloaded the launcher on other devices are seeing the new name today.

Take away from this what you will people but there is no way to know what this re-branding means just yet. But let’s be honest here for a second, this re-branding of the Nexus 5 launcher is more than likely Google’s first step to moving the launcher to the Play Store for other devices to download. Fingers crossed.


Well it didn’t take long for Kellex over at Droid-Life to notice something that we didn’t pertaining to the Google Search update. Kellex sideloaded the Google Now Launcher onto his Moto X after the Google Search update had taken place and it didn’t act like it did before, it instead sent him through a whole setup process that was definitely not present before. The setup process went as far as to allow him to import his settings from another launcher into the Google Now Launcher.

This definitely lets us know that Google is planning and preparing to bring the Google Now Launcher to the Play Store for other devices than the Nexus 5 to download. Now the only question we have left is when.

Source | Droid-Life



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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

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Nicholas Terry