While Google Glass is still in beta form and only Glass Explorers have the futuristic headset, developers are still able to send  their Glassware (applications for Glass) to Google for approval. Once the Glass team approves of the Glassware it shows up in what is called MyGlass so Explorers can load it onto their Glass.

Word of the Day

As you can see from above, the Glassware selects a word out of the dictionary and then sends the card bundle to your Glass. This bundle includes the word, definition (with pronunciation), and even an example sentence. To top it all off, Glass has the ability to read each card aloud to you so you can hear the word spoken correctly.  The cards are sent through Google’s Mirror API so there is no actual application installing on the Glass unit itself, just a card bundle being sent and stored on the timeline.

“Word of the Day sends a new vocabulary word, pronunciation, definition and sentence to Glass once a day, each day. Users are encouraged to share vignettes of the word of the day over a picture that relates to the word, or is just plain funny. The social interaction is fun and you just may learn something too!”

Below are screenshots of what you would see when using Glass with this Glassware.

If you’re a Google Explorer I recommend going to MyGlass and testing this Glassware out. This isn’t much too it but it might just help you learn something.


Source | +VirginiaPoltrack

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino