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A couple of days ago several screenshots were leaked of the long awaited Google Babel – a messenger application that will bring together several of Google’s already famous messaging applications like G+ Messenger, Talk, Voice, and GMail.  This service will act as Google’s new messenger application that will work on every single one of your devices seamlessly.

Below are more screenshots of the application that will be seen when using it on a desktop –

Yesterday, Droid-Life got ahold of a memo talking about the different parts of Babel.  Everything written came from inside of Google, not from other people’s commentary –

  1. Brand new UI. We’ve designed a new UI that’s applied across all clients and promotes conversations.
  2. Stay in sync.  With just one conversation list and experience across mobile and desktop, everything is always in sync. Install the Chrome app, the Android app, and iOS app.
  3. Desktop app.  Stop laying whack a mole across blinking browser tabs. With the new Chrome app your conversations continue outside of the browser.
  4. Keep a group conversation going to coordinate with your team, and start a Hangout with a single tap whenever you need to talk face-to-face.
  5. Be notified…just once.  Get notifications on your two phones, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Open it on one and watch the others disappear. If you’re actively using your computer or phone we’ll even intelligently notify you on just one of those endpoints. Magic!
  6. Message more than just text.  Add a photo to the conversation and/or send some of the 800+ emoji to your coworkers. Kittens and poop are particularly helpful in explaining complex issues.
  7. Get nostalgic.  Scroll back in time and relive any (on-the-record) conversation, on any device.
  8. More ways to talk.  For the first time we are building a first class iOS experience. Try out our very early preview on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

We have not seen any true screenshots of this on Android or IOS but it will probably look very simular to the ones for G+ that can be seen above.  It is interesting that they believe that they have built a “first class IOS experience.”  If it is so amazing on IOS, I hope that they make it just as good (or extremely better) version for Android.  At least it looks like Google is bringing emoticons and possibly group messaging to Android.

We will most likely see Babel announced and released at this year’s Google I/O in May.  We will keep you all updated!

Source | Droid-Life | TechRadar

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