Since the rumors started about the next version of Android, ideas of a redesign user interface have been the main focus of everyone’s guesses. While there has been no announcement of what the next version will look like, we do know that the Senior Director of the Android User Experience, Matias Duarte, has been pushing for flat artwork for electronic interfaces. Along with a potential leak of flat designed application icons, we can only believe this is true.

Potential Google Application Flat Redesign

Over the last several years rumors have gained more traction that Google might integrate Android and Chrome into one service. The icons above show how the proposed redesigned application icons are starting to look like their Chrome counterparts. These new icons aren’t just flatter, they are also brighter and pop more on the screen. While this does follow the design patterns we first started seeing in iOS 7 last year, it does look like this look and feel will be the norm before long. If you need anymore evidence, just look at the redesigned AOSP Camera application that Google uploaded to the Google Play Store. The application icon is flatter and more colorful than the older gray camera image. Also, when inside the application, you can see a flatter, minimalist user interface that I believe we will see more of as we get closer and past I/O.

Google App Redesigned Icons

As we have discussed in the AndroidMeter Show, we really do not know how Google plans to integrate Chrome and Android but we are sure they have something fantastic in mind. Hopefully we will see something at Google I/O in June. AndroidMeter will be there to let all of you know what exactly is announced in the always changing Googleverse!

Source | Android Police

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino