“Soak Tests” are nothing new for Android users, soak tests have allowed us to get beta versions of software and apps on our Android devices for years. Now rumor has it that Motorola may be taking early software testing to the next level with its customers, an anonymous source is telling Android Police that Motorola may be beginning a confidential test program that will allow certain users to receive beta software updates very early. The anonymous source has told Android Police that they were invited to this group and they even provided Android Police with what appears to be an email asking them to participate in an early software test for the Motorola Droid RAZR M.

Below we have the exact email as it was given to Android Police. You can see Android Police’s post on this rumor by following the link below the email to their website.


“Discussion Subject:
Welcome to the first MFN Test Drive program
Congratulations — you are the first group of Motorola Feedback Network members invited to take part in the Test Drive program. You were chosen because you have demonstrated that you keep your word — when we’ve provided you with software, you have provided feedback. Thanks for that! The value of end-user feedback has become evident over the years, though the contributions of Motorola Feedback Network members like you.
Test Drive is an effort to get end-user input earlier in the development process. This is not — or at least not necessarily — final software. We’ll be watching your input closely to see if there are changes needed before this is submitted for final approval.
I won’t mislead you. As this is our first Test Drive, the software is pretty baked. This is the stage of development where we expect to be close to final. As we get more comfortable with the Test Drive process, we will offer reviews earlier in the process. But make no mistake about it — you are the first in the program. And if you find issues of sufficient size and severity, we have time to get fixes in this version.
How is this going to work? For now, we’re going to try our usual soak test process, which you are all familiar with. We have topic-specific threads set up here for your in put, and we’ll ask for your input via surveys. There are a couple of key differences:
•This soak will be a lot longer than usual. Plan for a month, give or take a week or so, if all goes as planned.
•If we end up pushing you more than one version of the software, we’ll close the old threads and start new ones, just to keep comments and versions matched up.
•In the Test Drive program, we expect 100 percent participation. That means some comments here in the private community, and responses to surveys, from every member. No taking the software and running.
The main difference is that there is, naturally, slightly more risk of a problem that could limit your phone’s performance. If that happens, you MUST post here in the forums using the tools provided to alert our team. DO NOT call Verizon or our regular call center support.
This is a key condition, along with perfect confidentiality. Any break with these conditions could jeopardize the Test Drive program. We’ve worked a long time to get to this point so I hope we can all work together and stick to these terms, and those outlined in the registration.
If you do have a problem with the software that causes a problem with your phone, we’ll do everything we can to correct it fast. We’ll fix the problem or get a working replacement in your hands as soon as we can.
Because this is brand new, we’ll also be making up some things as we go along. We’ll be creative.
If you have questions, please post below. I may not have answers but I’ll do my best.
For now, I’ll tell you that we expect to push software to you tomorrow, but I’m not sure of the time. Please get your Droid RAZR Ms ready, and do not Factory Data Reset until after you’ve upgraded.
Matt and the rest of the MFN Test Drive team”


Source | Android Police

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