From the earlier, kind of a failure, Xperia Play, we were surprised to see rumors and some real evidence of a Xperia Play 4g coming to Verizon.

The original Xperia Play was supposed to be the “PlayStation Phone”, but it ended up being another average specked device that couldn’t run games properly but had the hardware for it. From some leaked Verizon training documents, it looks like Sony, and Verizon are taking another crack at the hardcore mobile gaming market. All we can tell of right now is that it will have Verizon 4G LTE support. I’m hoping for a meaningful upgrade to the processor, ram and screen. If we are lucky, we could end up seeing some real integration to the PlayStation Network. The training documents only released the name of the device, so no release date yet. As for the operating system, it could go either way, but we are all obviously hoping for some Ice Cream Sandwich love.

One thing that really needs a change for the Xperia Play 4G, is the design. The original Xperia Play was clunky, felt cheap and only had touch sensitive thumb stick controls. They need to make the device thinner, less real buttons and add touch sensitive ones (I don’t like touch sensitive buttons myself, but it defiantly adds to the “eye candy factor.”) They should keep the slide out controls, but make more use of them because the slide out just felt empty; Defiantly keep the bumpers, those were awesome. Lets just hope Sony has a good design team working on this one.

It will probably manage to get on store shelves a couple months after the holidays. Verizon has a whole slue of nice smartphones in it’s lineup, so it might be hard for Sony to get it’s foot in the door. But I really hope this does work out, because if done right, the “PlayStation Phone,” could become the “Gamer Phone.” If it has the sleekness, and the specs I need, I will defiantly be picking it up for Verizon when I switch over from Sprint. We have to see what will be new then, not now so we might end up seeing another outdated Android phone.

If this phone does come out, would buy this phone? and if so, what kind of specs would you like to see?


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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino