This phone was one of the first things we got to see at the 2014 CES Unveiled event and it was amazing! It felt great in the hand, ran very smoothly, and not only performed at the level of a lot of current smart phones but above them! In all I think this is a great phone with a lot of potential the thing is that it’s simple lack of 4G LTE is what turns me off. It’s a great phone and I’d even be one to downgrade to the Android 4.2 based system that it uses just because I loved how it worked! 


Screen Size 5.1 inches

Screen Resolution 1080 x 1800 (~412 ppi)

Battery 2400 mAh

Rear Camera Top-class 8 MP

Front Facing Camera 2MP

Processor Octa-core 1.6 GHz A15*4

RAM 2 Gb dual-channel

Operating System Flyme OS 3.0 (Android 4.2)


Hardware This phone is sleek! I have always liked the precision of iPhones and it sort of brings that “simplicity” and precision to an Android device! The hardware is smooth, fits well in hand, and really does feel sturdy. The home button which is both capacitive and lit and has a great general response time! The 5.1 inch screen is very easy to navigate using only one hand, especially with the software they have implemented.


Software It feels really smooth! It immediately reminded me of MUI ROMs I’ve used in the past. The things they have added might in some cases be little but they can be things that make strides in technology. The pulling down of the main home screen to reach applications, that would be tough for some people, is a great idea! The multi-selection and the gestures that are presented with the home button are strides that i will almost even expect on new devices because after using them they seem so simple and almost necessary!

MX3 Cases

Conclusion In all I think this is a great device and seeing as it will be coming out in Q3 I would definitely consider giving it a whirl if it had the 4G LTE support (and was on Verizon). We’re not yet sure what carriers will be supporting this phone but I think that it gives way to a lot of other Asian phone companies to see that their market can start to expand and bring these awesome technologies around the world. Hopefully other companies will take a few pages out of Meizu’s book in reference to the home button, software improvements and overall usability of the phone, which as I think about it more seems like the happy merge between Apple’s iOS7 and Android 4.2 which is something that I happen to like, very much! For Click Here for More Info on the Meizu MX3

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