Few Android apps jump out at me immediately and scream “must have!” Usually it’ll be an interesting or useful app that will appeal to a certain portion of the Android user base. But when I saw the post about Go2Note on xda, it struck me as something that everyone could use. It’s a note-taking app, but with the added benefit of adding a location tag. That is, when you see something, you can write a note and then tag your current location. That serves a number of useful functions, and will certainly make you less forgetful.

A number of these apps are available for BlackBerry, and I know that some are available for Android, too. But, when it comes with an xda recommendation I always take notice. The main benefit of the app is that it reminds you not only of what you need to do or remember, but tells you where. It also has location-based alerts, so when you get near one of your tagged items, you’ll know. That’s great for the super-forgetful. Passing the grocery store? Oh yeah! Eggs! Passing the dry cleaner? Better double back to the apartment and drop the stuff off.

I always recommend this to my city folk friends who have cars. There is no feeling more terrifying than having to be somewhere and not remembering where you parked your car. A few of those friends have some creative methods of remembering, but there’s nothing easier than having it right on your phone. You know, since you have it with you all the time anyway.

There’s not really much to add to this one. It’s a simple, straight forward app that can actually make your life easier. You know, unlike the bulk of apps we feature on here, which are just fun.

You can get Go2Note at the Market for free. Make sure to check out the app thread if you have any issues with it.


Via: andgeeks


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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino