At their press conference Huawei announced the Ascend Mate2 4G where they acknowledged that 4G was going to be the way of the future. Not only that, but it would be a necessity if they were going to provide a competitive phone in the US market. This device is not only a phone it can also be used as a portable charger! One thing that I found particularly interesting (especially as a Google Glass user) was that this device has 2 way charging! it’s 4050 mAh battery can not only support the phone’s huge 6.1 inch display for up to 2 days but it can charge other, less power fortunate, devices.



Battery 4050 mAh (two-way charge)

Size 161mm x 84.7mm

Weight 202g

Color Black and White

Screen Size 6.1 inch (Corning Gorilla Glass)

Screen Resolution 1280 x 720

CPU 1.6GHz Quad-Core

OS Emotion UI 2.0 (Android 4.3)


On-board Memory 16Gb

Rear Camera 13M

Front Camera 5M



This phone feels pretty good in hand, the only reason I only say pretty good is because of its size, though it does fit well and it is comfortable I personally don’t like having to use two hands or having to “crawl” up and down the device to gain access to the whole screen! The 4050 mAh battery was a pretty important focus during their press conference which makes sense, if this phone really can last up to two days for an average user it must have at least a day in it for someone like me who’s phone dies around 4:o0 or 5:00 pm which can be frustrating but is still manageable. Also as a glass user it presents a unique opportunity to use one device to charge another so that if our current CES team had one or two of these devices we wouldn’t have to also carry around extra chargers!


Unfortunately we were not able to spend as much time with the phone and investigating the software as i would have liked however while using it there was no question that it was very fluid and responsive. The skin that they’ve put over Android 4.3 doesn’t seem to be in the way or very heavy it just adds some of their own personal touches that I personally don’t mind and that I don’t feel take very much away from the Android user experience! It also gave way to a lot of “selfies” which was a huge focus at their press conference including how great “group selfies” could now be and the front facing camera feature that added panoramic slefies to the device.


This really is a pretty great phone over all, I have no doubt that it could potentially compete with the bigger names in the US Smartphone market in 2014. It’s size, though it is a phablet, isn’t too big in my opinion though it might be out of my personal preference for phone size at the moment i’m sure that I could adapt quite quickly. It might have only a few improvements from its predecessor but the improvements really did quite a bit, with the 4G integration and other improvements it felt a lot like an iPhone “S” transition. It’s a phone i’d both recommend and consider purchasing for myself! I am very grateful that we were afforded the opportunity to get our hands on this device at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show!

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