The Experiments section of Google's Inside Search is HTML5-richGoogle unveiled quite a few new features at its special media event earlier this week. But, among all the goodies, it also unveiled the new Inside Search website, a place for all of the great features related to search to be showcased.

The site is designed to show off the latest and greatest features and also highlight some of the ones that most people may have not heard about.

“We created a one-stop shop for all search-related features, tips and tricks. Thus, following the release of the new Inside Search blog, we bring you a deeper look Inside Search,” Johanna Wright, Director of Search Product Management at Google,wrote.

“Whether you’re a beginner to web search or a search master, you’ll find all the search shortcuts you need under the Features section of the site,” she added.

There are several large sections in the site, the Features section showcases the big and small things that make up the Google Search experience. Here you’ll find out how to use the search as a calculator or world box, or how to use asterisks and other specially formatted searches to get exactly the results you want.

“In addition, if you ever wonder how search takes your query and delivers results, you can use Inside Search to get an under-the-hood look at the technology behind Google Search,” Google explained.

This being Google, the entire website is actually quite advanced and makes ample use of the latest technologies in webbrowsers, including HTML5-powered animations, WebGL 3D graphics and so on.

The best example of this is in the Experiments section which offers an interactive way of discovering new things about Google Search.

Another very interesting section is the doodles page which lists all of the doodles ever placed on The company already has a Logos website, but this new section is a lot better looking and more suited for interactive doodles, which are becoming more common.


Via: softpedia

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino