Google is rumored to be working on an official voice application for Android that would rival the iPhone’s Siri. This technology could be on your Android phone sooner then you could expect!

There are a handful of apps that you can get already that try to mimic Siri’s style of doing things (without much effort), but those apps are clunky, slow and you usually have to stop what you’re doing, find the app then open it up. More leaks keep popping up around the internet, and Android fan boys are buzzing about it. A person who claimed to have played with early developments of the application had this to say about what the internet has codenamed Majel,

“The UI is definitely more powerful than Siri’s, even if a little harder to navigate.”

There are clues everywhere over the internet that Google has been planning this type of technology for a very long time! There are interviews and quotes that state Google wants to change the way people search. They also make direct references to being able to do an intelligent search with just your voice. As intelligent, I mean being able to answer real questions or problems, not just a Google search and hope that you’re lucky.

There hasn’t been any official news from Google, but tech analysts are expecting to either see a standalone application release, a reveal, or some kind of information early 2012. We could possibly also see a release of this kind of software at Google IO, or better yet, integrated into Google’s next operating system rumored to be called Jellybean. All of this might seem like just too many rumors, it might be a stretch but this is very plausible.

In my opinion we won’t see Majel anytime soon, maybe towards the end of next year or even 2013. This kind of software needs  to be tested extensively and with great care but we can all still hope, right?

What do you think about all these rumors and speculations, leave a comment below with your opinion. Stay tuned for new rumors, leaks and information regarding on Google’s future plans.

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

(Founder | Editor-in-Chief) - I am currently a student at the University of Nevada, Reno getting my degree in Computer Science.I have been fortunate to work with some brilliant people in the technology industry and plan to continue so for the rest of my life.I am currently using a Nexus 5, a Nexus 7 (2013), and a Nexus 10. Additionally, I am one of the first Glass Explorers with Google Glass and loving it!
Justin Duino