In the past few months we have had two flagship phones get revealed to the world, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, and for the most part they have been regular updates to their predecessors except for one small thing. For both of these devices, once you power them on they say “Powered by Android”, something that has not been on any Android smartphone for a very long time. So why all of a sudden are we getting this message popup when we power on our devices?

This all leads back to the release of Android Wear, Google’s version of Android specifically made to run on wearable devices such as smartwatches. It’s all in the name “Android Wear”, the key word being Android, and now all of a sudden our smartphones are saying “Powered by Android”, coincidence? Not even in the slightest, Google is up to something that most people are going to shrug off or miss completely. They are unifying the Android brand name right before our eyes. Just think about it for a minute, a regular user buys a Galaxy S5, powers it on and sees the “Powered by Android” message, this regular user loves his phone and how useful it is, later a commercial comes on TV advertising the Moto 360 and in that commercial it says “Android Wear”, the user sees this and since he loves his Android phone so much he now wants to try this Moto 360 thing, boom, a sell.

By putting the Android brand name on everything from this point forward (like Google currently appears to be doing) they are getting regular users, the people who don’t pay attention to technology news, to see that all of these devices are related and run the same software that phone they have in their pocket does. This is a brilliant marketing move on Google’s part and like I said above, it’s so subtle most people aren’t going to even notice it. Right now someone at Google is sitting in a chair with a smirk on their face for coming up with this ingenious plan.

Image Source | Android Central

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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

(Author) - I am currently attending college to receive my degree in Computer Science with a pipe dream to someday work at Google. I love everything about android and smartphones and always love learning more about them or anything else tech wise. I also love developing Android apps and learning new types of code in my spare time. My current devices I use are my LG Optimus G and Nexus 7, Pebble watch is still on the way.
Nicholas Terry

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