The patent, filed on October 26th, 2011, details a “smart-watch with user interface features.”  It has been a long time rumor that Google will also be creating a smart-watch as a companion to Android phones/tablets.  With this second patent filed for a wearable computer on your wrist, and the countless rumors/leaks, it is extremely clear that Google will for sure bring the smart-watch to the market.

The patent details information about how the bezel would be used like Glass’s side touch-panel.  The touch sensitive side will be used to get around the interface.

Personally, I hope that Google’s smart watch works perfectly with Glass.  Specially, I am hoping that the watch will replace the smartphone.  As long as the watch can have 3G/4G radios in it, it would work perfectly with a modified version of vanilla Android.  Then once connected to Glass, it would be the device that tethers internet to Glass.  With the two devices I do not see the need for a phone since the watch will be able to view websites, show widgets, and play games while Glass can answer texts, emails, phone calls, and do searches.

Source | USPTO

Via | Droid-Life

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino