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Every year Google releases several April Fools’ Day pranks that are scattered around their services and this year they seem to have released them a little early.

First, there is Google Nose. Google Nose is “Google’s newest search function” in which the user can Google what something smells like (and can actually smell it) or use their device to analyse a smell and tell them what exactly it is that they are smelling.

Second, there was the announcement that the YouTube competition is going to finally close tonight at midnight.  This “competition” has been open since YouTube first opened in 2005 and has been received over 150,000 videos over the last 8 years.  Starting tonight, YouTube will be closed starting at midnight and will be closed until 2023 when the “winner” will be chosen and released on YouTube.

Finally, the Google Maps team has announced that they have found Captain Kidd’s treasure maps and need everyone’s help to find the hidden treasure.

I think the name says it all: GMail Blue.  It is nothing like anyone has ever experienced.  It is completely new that ever consumer will want.  It is Blue.

The Google Plus team has also come up with an April Fools’ Day prank which had a lot of people convinced was real.  This is called +Emotion.  This “feature” would analyse photos and then add a corresponding emoticon to the photo.  This actually does sound like a feature that Google would and could add as a social photo editor on G+.


I have already had several people ask me if these are real.  I wish I could keep a straight face because I know people are getting freaked out – especially when they think YouTube will be closed and all of their videos are going to be deleted!

Got a good April Fools’ Day tech prank? Tell us about it below!

Source | Google’s YouTube Account | YouTube’s YouTube Account | Google Maps’ YouTube Account

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino