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Since the day that Google announced their moonshot product, Glass, people have wondered if they would ever come out with a model that would work with people wearing prescription lens. Google’s stock answer has always been that they were still working on a viable solution. Eventually they showed off a picture of a member of the Glass team wearing a prototype of the device but still no news about when Glass Explorers would be able to get their hands on them. We are now pleased to say that the Glass team has finally announced the availability to purchase and use prescription lenses with the official Titanium Collection which is the name of the Glass prescription frames.

Google announced the availability of four unisex frames that current and future Glass Explorers can purchase to use with their Glass unit (as long as they have the XE-C model). These four designs are named Curve, Bold, Thin, and Split. These names represent the different shapes that the titanium frames have been shaped to as you can see below.

These frames completely replace the frame that are currently attached to the Glass units now. There is a little screw that holds the titanium band in place that is located on the inside of the frame. Once this screw is removed the frame can be slid off of the actual Glass unit. To attach the new prescription frames you reverse the process of removing the old frame. In all of the designs, the lens is tall enough so that you can see through the glasses while also being able to see the Glass screen.

In addition to all of the excitement of the Titanium Collection of prescription frames, Google also announces two new sun glasses that can be attached to Glass (as long as you are not wearing the prescription frames that is). These two designs are called Edge and Classic. These two designs look more like some sort of designer frames. Both has a very similar design that include thick pieces of black plastic around the edges of the lenses. You can see the two designs below.

Unfortunately none of the AndroidMeter team that owns Glass purchased either of the new sun glasses attachments but I did order the Split prescription frames. As soon as I get my hands on them I will make sure to show you all what is included with them and how to take them off of the Glass unit itself.

Source | Google Glass


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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino