Google Glass Mini Games

Google surprised us with a quick Glassware that one of their teams built with the GDK. This Glassware is a collection of games that are meant to show off the power of Glass and to give developers ideas on Glassware that they themselves can make.

The Mini Games Glassware is packed with 5 games that show off all of Glass’s sensors and functionality. The 5 games included are Tennis, Balance, Clay Shooter, Matcher, and Shape Splitter. These games are incredibly simplistic but offer a good amount of fun. Many of these games take control of the simple accelerometer that tracks the angle of your head but then some of them use aspects of the hardware that have not been seen yet. Some of these new features include always listening for vocal commands or tracking hand movements in front of the built in camera. Make sure to watch the video to see them all in action.

Members of the Glass Explorer Program can get access to the Mini Games Glassware by activating it in the MyGlass Android/iOS application or in the website version of MyGlass.

For all of the mobile developers out there, now that the Cloud API and GDK is available for anyone to develop with, do you plan on making Glassware for Google Glass? Make sure to let us know down below in the comments!

Source | Google Developers

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino