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When Android 4.2 was released in late 2012, a new camera capture feature called Photo Spheres were released.  These photos enabled users to stitch photos together to make a complete 360 degree photo of the users complete surroundings.  The  feature was cool but the experience can only be fully enjoyed when viewed on an Android phone or on Google Plus. In addition to that, there was no real place to share these Photo Spheres with others. Well yesterday Google announced a new “community” website where people can publish their Photo Spheres and explorer new places with people’s Spheres called “Views.”

Google is hoping to use everyone’s Photo Spheres to map out every part of the world so people can explorer it all.  Since everyone with Android unfortunately does not have Android 4.2 or higher, Google is allowing people to also upload panoramas from mobile devices (Android and iOS) and from DSLR camera.

While using the web app, users log into their own Views profile and can upload and view their own photos.  Users are also able to share their profile with other people to show them their personal photos that they have uploaded. When just exploring the Views website, you can explorer parts of the world by city and even points of interest.

Have you guys checked this out yet? Let us know what you think about it!

Source | Google Views

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino