Lock Screen:

Google has finally implemented a way to protect the information on your glass along with giving you the opportunity to be the only one sending messages with it if you leave it sitting around in your living room. Glass now has the ability to lock the screen with a pass code consisting of taps and swipes. Google is appropriately calling this your secret Glass handshake because it feels quite similar. You are given the opportunity to use one or two fingers with a combination of taps and slides which provide your “Handshake”.


Using Hangouts for video calls on Glass has been a thing for a while but now they have given Explorers the ability to send messages though Hangouts on Glass too! Now talking with a friend, or a few friends, is faster and more convenient allowing you to go back and forth from glass to your phone and a computer depending on what you’re sitting with or in front of. This feature also now means that you can send pictures that are taken on Glass directly to friends and family without having to sync with Google+ or use a third-party application like Glass to Phone!

Upload to YouTube:

Seeing as Google and YouTube have been so tightly knit for the past few years it was surprising that this took as long as it did but Explorers can now upload their videos directly to YouTube through Glass! Now you can share that video you took of yourself long boarding down a hill with all of your friends on Facebook or all of your subscribers on YouTube!


Google has adapted a previously side-loaded application to its system allowing you to now configure “Wink” from within the original setup of the device! Wink is basically a feature that allows you to wink at any time to take a photo so you don’t have to say “Okay Glass – Take a Picture” or click the button on the top of the device that might as well not be there anymore (I think that I personally have used it maybe once or twice). This awesome feature, however, is only available on the second iteration of Glass hardware (Ordered/Swapped after October 28th, 2013). Though with Google being the oh so imaginative company that it is they also want us to think about what it can do in the future because photos are just the start! “Imagine a day where you’re riding in the back of a cab and you just wink at the meter to pay. You wink at a pair of shoes in a shop window and your size is shipped to your door. You wink at a cookbook recipe and the instructions appear right in front of you – hands-free, no mess, no fuss, Pretty cool, right?” -Google Glass (Google+)


Google has now given Explorers access to their Play Music playlists and the “I’m feeling lucky” feature that creates a radio based off of your listening history! In all the Play Music feature is already pretty great now I’m just waiting for Spotify and Pandora to get their hands on glass!

Other Updates:

There is now an IOS Application that was up for about a half hour and then quickly taken down! Once it is released (likely later this month) iPhone users will be able to have full access to the amazing experience that is Google Glass (adding both SMS and GPS through the MyGlass App). There is no longer a Guest Mode on the device, when sending an SMS it is no longer followed by “|Sent Through Glass” (though emails are), the speech to text seems to be a bit smoother and more reliable, and the setup process has been updated.

Setup Changes:

To start when you first setup your Glass on the XE12 software it shows you what swiping forward and down do before giving you the option of what you would like to use to set up your device! The first option is through an Android phone which will take you through the Play Store and then the setup continues through the MyGlass application (this is how I did it so I will go into more detail in a bit)! The second is through iPhone which until the MyGlass App is loaded back onto Apple’s App Store consists of going through Settings > Bluetooth > Pair which gives you access to everything but SMS and GPS. Lastly you can set up your Glass device by going on the computer to google.com/myglass!

To setup through an android device a screen like the one below will appear after selecting the device and your Google account! This screen pairs Glass with your phone and sets it all up for you.

After this screen Glass will prompt you with a list of things you should set up, Note that “Connect to mobile phone” is already checked off because of the method I chose!

First to be setup is the on-head detection which allows you to consume less power when you’re not wearing Glass.

Secondly Glass will have you optionally setup Wink

And lastly (if you’re already connected through your phone) Glass will prompt you to Add a WiFi network

After Connecting to WiFi it’s all setup and ready to go! Waiting for you to explore all of the new features it now has to offer!

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