When Google finally brought Glass to their Explorers last year, they promised monthly updates that would fix bugs and bring new features. They kept their word by making the device more and more user friendly but there was always something that could be added or improved. Google stopped these updates in December and in March the Glass team announced that instead of a couple of updates, Explorers would have to wait a little bit longer and they would get a giant step forward with KitKat on their headsets.

While we were expecting the Glass team to bring KitKat and its added performance to Glass, they also threw in several nice new features which include:

  • Photo Bundles – All the photos Glass takes will now be packaged into one card so that Explorers can now quickly go through them all instead of continually swiping through their timeline.
  • Photo Replies in Hangouts – This is an obvious addition for anyone who wants to send photos to people while in a conversation with them.
  • Sending Feedback – Instead of making an Explorer go to a computer and find the feedback section of the Glass website, they can now swipe to a card inside of their settings and vocally tell the development team if they have spotted a bug or a place where improvement could be useful.
  • Voice Command Sorting – Instead of all of the vocal commands on Glass being randomly sorted, the most used commands will show up at the top of the list for quicker use.

One feature that Google Glass had before the update is video calling. This was done through Google Hangouts and it didn’t always work as perfectly as everyone wanted. For this reason, the Glass team decided to remove it from the newest update which has made a lot of Glass Explorers unhappy because some use that feature daily.

Since today (4/15/14) is the day that Google will allow a select number of people to join the Glass Explorer Program, it made sense for them to announce these updates. Unfortunately, the updates to not start arrive on the headsets until sometime later this week. Make sure to keep checking out the site because we will let you know when the update comes out and if the major upgrade makes a large improvement to the device.


Source | Google Glass G+


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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino