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Google Glass has been getting more attention than ever.  With all of this attention, is it not surprising that there is more and more information coming out about Google’s semi-top-secret project.  Thankfully, this latest piece of information, is not just a rumor.  The latest information comes directly from Soumya Mohan, who went to Quora to describe his experience with Glass after he got to use them at a Stanford Tech Talk.  Below is what he said about the interface and how Glass really works.

I recently got the opportunity to try on the Google Glass at a Google tech talk in Stanford. It definitely seemed like a work in progress.

After I wore the glasses and they were turned on, a small screen was visible on the top right corner.

The first screen I saw was a list menu with black background and words written in white. As far as I can remember, some of the options in the menu were

  • Click a picture
  • Shoot a video
  • Voice call

The screen was fairly small so that I could only see 4-5 items of the list on the screen at a time. Moving my head up and down also caused the list to scroll in a vertical fashion.

I could use speech recognition to command the Glass to perform any of the actions above. The right part of the glass frame near my ear also functioned as atouchpad.

clicked a picture using the voice command. The screen automatically showed me the clicked picture just after I instructed the device to click it.

Though it was a short interaction, I was very excited to lay my hands on such a futuristic piece of technology.

While this gives us no new information about when developers will get their hands on their own, personal Glass, you can be sure that I will bring you information about Glass as soon as I get my Explorer Edition.

Source: Quora

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino