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Following Google I/O’s big Google+ announcements and the web browser version of Google+ getting another feed redesign, the Android app has been updated. What the update brings is bigger cover photos with a bigger aspect ration, support for strikethrough formatting, and last but not least some bug fixes and performance improvements. The update doesn’t quite bring the Android app’s feed up to par with the browser version with the inclusion of hashtags and what not but we’re sure the next update will do so.

Now I know you all wanna ask this question: does Google+ messenger finally get updated to Hangouts in this update? The answer is yes and no, as of now if you click the messenger icon in Google+ it will just provide you with a button that takes you into the Hangouts app but they are not integrated with eachother just yet unfortunately. And yes the app icon for Google+ messenger will still exist after you update to the latest version of Google+. Fret not everybody because not only will the next update probably bring the Android app up to par with the browser version but it will have to also integrate Hangouts seamlessly into the app so lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this next update is in the near future.


It turns out that the hashtags have now appeared in the Google+ Android app bringing together Google+ for the browser and the Google+ Android app. Hngouts also now has it’s own icon within Google+ even though the messenger icon still exists within the app as well.

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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

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Nicholas Terry