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Earlier this week the Google [X] team pushed the XE7 update to all of the Glass devices owned by Explorers.  This update contained many new additions and lots of bug fixes.  There were four main improvements: the ability to open up and explore actual webpages, the ability to communicate with anyone in your Google Contacts, improved voice controls, and much better battery life.  While all of these are amazing and much-needed improvements, there were several things hiding inside the new firmware that point to some major Glass improvements that could be coming soon.

Zhuowei, a member of GitHub, has broken down the firmware and found several features that have not been announced/activated yet.  The first thing that was discovered was a sort of lock screen.  We knew this was coming because Google reported to the U.S. Congress that they would be including this soon as part of a users privacy.  This would most likely work by having the users use a combination of swipes and possibly head gestures to unlock the device after a period of time.

The second thing discovered (that i view as the biggest thing to come out of the leak) is a special Play Store for Glassware called Boutique.  Again, as this is just information leaked because snippets of it have been discovered in the firmware, we do not have all of the facts about it.  It does look like it will give users the ability to download Glassware as well as native Android .apk files.

Glass mp3 player xe7

The last upcoming feature that has been discovered is a .mp3 and video player.  The picture above was taken out of the XE7 update and show how a user would see the volume control.  In addition to this, it has been noted that there have been evidence of the usual play, pause, and skip abilities built into the software.

I know many of you do not own or have even tried on Glass but if there is something you should know is that Google is doing a great job with the product.  Ever month they are pushing vital updates to the software that make the user experience even better.  Right now, Google is using these updates to try out different features and see if they work.  Not all of these features will ship in the consumer product but a lot will because there has been such a high demand for them.

When Glass does come to the consumer market, I see it being extremely polished device in the software field because of how they are handling the Explorer Program. They have 2,000 of us developers writing Glassware, finding the bugs, and hacking the device and then there are the 8,000 consumers who have gotten their hands on the device. With all of these minds using Glass, Google has created a network of testers that will make the device the best it can be.

Source | Github (zhuowei)

Via | Android Community

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