There are two things that I find amazing about Glass: the amount of support from Google when it comes to the device and the number of applications (Glassware) for Glass that are being developed.  Back at Google I/O ’13 in May, there was a game that was released that allowed Explorers to try to find each other and become acquaintances. This app is called Ice Breaker.  It was a cool idea for those that were at the conference but anyone outside who had Glass could also activate it on their account.  This was an issue because there was no setting to say you were or were not at I/O.  If you were matched with someone outside of the conference, you could spend all day looking for them without knowing that they might not even be at the conference.

Today Det Ansinn of Brick Simple announced a Glassware that has been developed that is the equivalent of the classic board game, Battle Ship.  The game works in a way that allows users to communicate coordinates through Glass to try to hit the opponents virtual ships.  This all works with the use of Google’s Mirror API.  The game itself is very simple but it proves that developers can also build games for the platform.

As of now, they are still keeping GlassBattle internal until Google allows developers a larger amount of access tokens for the API. As of today, developers can only have their apps receive 1,000 requests per day.  Because of this, if that limit is reached, the Glassware will stop working for everyone.

Hopefully we will see Google give developers the ability to have more requests so that development of Glass application can continue growing without limitation.

Source | Det Ansinn Google+

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino