The ongoing Patent War has gotten chaotic over the last few months. With Apple being top dog in the court, many feared Android was in a dangerous position. It was a big win for Apple, when they banned the sales of Galaxy Tabs in Europe and Australia. But it seems karma got back at Apple, soon Apple was hit by law suits from Samsung, Motorola, HTC and other manufactures.

It looks like Motorola is finally showing some hope for Android in this insane war. The German Court’s recent ruling in favor of Motorola over two patent-infringements, has given the possibility of iOS devices being banned throughout Europe. This is huge news and a big win for Google and Motorola.

It is up to Motorola to decide if they want to ban the devices immediately or wait until after the appeals process is through. If Motorola decides to immediately ban iOS devices it must set aside $134 million in case the ruling of the appeal overturns the Court’s first ruling. The$134 million dollars would be used to compensate Apple for any profit lost due to sales during the ban. If the outcome of the appeal does not overturn the German Courts initial ruling then Motorola can go for a settlement or completely ban iOS devices.

What Motorola will decide to do is unclear as of now. If it does decide to ban iOS devices it will be a global phenomenal. With Apple’s brand recognition and popularity, the news of a ban on iOS devices will spread like wildfire. It might also change the opinions of people thinking that Android has been coping Apple. Any settlements made over the infringements will be a huge money maker for Motorola due to iOS devices selling like crazy.

This win is also a plus for Google, which has also been facing law suits for patent infringements. Armed and ready with Motorola’s 17,000 patents Google has built a strong arsenal to fight off any law suits against Android. If iOS devices do get banned in Europe, it will not only benefit Android but possibly Windows Phone 7. With consumers left with a choice of Android and Windows Phone 7, the ones looking for a more “Apple” experience will most likely be pulled towards Windows. Windows flashy and simplistic Metro UI makes it an ideal “Apple” replacement. What do you guys think, will Motorola actually ban iOS devices or will they come to a settlement if the appeal goes in their favor? And would this help Windows Phone 7 grab more market share?

(via Motorola)

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino