The Foursquare app has always served two purposes, location reviews and friend locations (check-ins), but today Foursquare decided to change that in a big way. Foursquare has taken to their official blog to announce that they will be making a bold move by splitting the Foursquare app and its services into two separate apps. The Foursquare app will still be here and will be used strictly for location reviews, but the new and second app called Swarm will be for location sharing and check-ins. So why is Foursquare changing it’s app in such a big way? They took a look at how and why people used the Foursquare app and realized something of substantial importance, people were either using Foursquare for check-ins or reviews exclusively, rarely for both.

Swarm is Foursquare’s new app for check-ins and location sharing, it’s completely separate from the Foursquare app and is Foursquare’s attempt at location sharing done right. Foursquare doesn’t think that people want their face placed on a map at a very precise location, that is the old way of location sharing and check-ins and they think it’s flawed. This time around with Swarm, Foursquare is making location sharing with friends a little more private, instead of giving a very precise location like before it will give a general location for your friends to see, such as giving your location within 500 feet of where you are.

The big change with Foursquare isn’t even with the new Swarm app, it’s with the new Foursquare app itself. Foursquare has said that the app has been redesigned and it will incorporate a new version of its discovery and recommendation service. This new discovery and recommendation service is Foursquare’s attempt at taking on the location review giant Yelp, Foursquare says it wants to be the king in this area and plans on doing so.

Both the new version of the Foursquare app and the completely new Swarm app will be hitting Android and iOS in the next coming weeks.

Source | Foursquare

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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

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Nicholas Terry