Today Fleksy, a groundbreaking keyboard that aims to enable smart device users to type without looking and with only one hand across many platforms, was updated to version 1.2.3 in the Google Play Store.  This update has been highly anticipated by users of the keyboard for some time now and brings two major changes to how the keyboard can be used.  The first being emoji support and the second being a personalization system called “My Fleksy.”

The simpler and more visible of the two new features of course is emoji support.  This has been one of the more often requested features for the keyboard to adopt, so it is great to see it implemented.  Fleksy currently supports over 500 of the most popular emojis ranging from a plethora of faces to a diverse collection of shapes and symbols so users of the keyboard should now find themselves able to demonstrate their thoughts and emotions with ease.

The larger portion of the update is  “My Fleksy.”  This is a personalization system that is supposed to be able to make the Fleksy keyboard know how you specifically type across various applications so that it can predict you words and next actions while typing more accurately.  It was very simple to set up, giving me the option upon first installing and opening the keyboard application.  Basically it presented a screen prompting me to personalize my keyboard experience to my writing style and then just had me tap the various applications it could utilize that I would like it to have access to.  These included SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and my device’s dictionary.  Overall I think that the keyboard having access to how I type in different settings should allow it to predict my words dramatically, which is a big deal when we are talking about a keyboard that wants me to be able to focus on the world around me rather than my device keyboard.

Although this update is currently live on the Play Store, if you are interested in seeing and experiencing the newest features of Fleksy first, you can join the Google+ beta community here.

Furthermore you can download the newest version on the Play Store from here.

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Nathan Buth

Currently I am enrolled as a student at Full Sail University pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Mobile Development.I originally was brought deeper into the tech world after getting an OG Droid and obsessively changing the custom ROM and theme it was running on at minimum a weekly basis.In 2012 I luckily managed to get a ticket to I/O and became a Glass Explorer.Since then I have worked on a startup as a mobile programmer, attended Glass Foundry, and received Glass.My primary device is a GS3 which I use alongside a Nexus 4, a Nexus 7, a Pebble, and Glass.