The famous techno DJ, Deadmau5, tweeted that he had lost his PlayStation Vita. He claimed it to be the only unit outside of Sony’s employees. As you can imagine, everyone freaked out!

After DJing the VGA’s, Deadmau5 went on to tweet that he was totally screwed and that his management had been on the phone for the past three hours trying to find the cab he left the precious electronic in. He does explain himself, that his friend was playing with it, set it down and they both forgot it, kinda believable? In my opinion, maybe, he had a long night and was just tired but how could you still forget that?! If Sony had caught wind of this little fiasco, there would be dire consequences and probably need for legal action. But did he really lose it there? Or was he just yanking Sony’s chain?Then he tweeted that he was just trying to see how much of a rise he could get out of management. He also posted a picture of his PS Vita in it’s very own briefcase.  At least he knows how valuable the the device is!

I don’t think Sony, or his management were too happy to hear about this practical joke. Or was this joke referring to the iPhone blunder that happened two years ago? Anyways, we now know the PS Vita is safe in the hands of that awesome DJ, and that the PS Vita still looks sick.

Deadmau5 is currently on tour, hopefully he doesn’t truly end up losing the Vita. There were also rumors about him collapsing in his hotel room, which are not true at all.

More PS Vita news is coming soon! Stay tuned on Android Meter!

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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino