If you happened to download and install last night’s 10.2 CyanogenMod nightly then CyanogenMod snuck a little feature into your phone. Don’t start your panicking, your phones not going to self-destruct now, the added feature is something that Google built into Android 4.3 that wasn’t really talked about much. The feature is called ‘AppOps’ which allows the user to pick and choose which permissions each app can actually use. For instance, you could turn off the “Read contacts” permission of the Hangouts app but still keep all of the other permissions active.

CyanogenMod says that they have implemented the AppOps feature into their Privacy Guard which is included in the latest 10.2 nightly build. According to CyanogenMod the Privacy Guard UI is the same, it’s the functionality that has greatly improved. Here is a list of new functionality pertaining to AppOps that is now included in the Privacy Guard from CyanogenMod themselves:

  •  Single click any app from the main PG UI to instantly toggle on/off permissions for Location, Reading Contacts, Reading Call Log, Reading Calendar and SMS/MMS.
  •      Long press any app from the main PG UI to see all currently used permissions and their on/off status. Tapping the app name from this view will take you to the App Info screen.
  • A new ‘Advanced’ menu item allows quick access to the native AppOps UI (normally hidden).
  • A notification will appear whenever you are using an app that has a permission denied.
  • Privacy Guard can be enabled by default for all newly installed apps. This will block the Location, Reading Contacts, Reading Call Log, Reading Calendar and SMS/MMS permissions.
  • Filter to show/hide system apps from main UI view.
  • A quick scroll list view by alphabet, with disabled apps shown at the bottom.
  • A quick reset button will disable PG for all enabled apps, allowing a one-click return to normal behavior

Source | +CyanogenMod

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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

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Nicholas Terry