With today being Christmas many of you will surely receive a new Android phone under that decorated tree taking up space in your living room. This may be your first Android phone or just a new one in a line of many previous ones. Either way here are some apps that will help you get the most out of that new device.



SwiftKey is probably the most popular alternative keyboard on Android and for good reason. Swiftkey is best known for its excellent predictability when it comes to what word you’re going to type next. With many themes and options this keyboard is far more advanced than any other keyboard on Android. And with the addition of emojis, SwiftKey has set the bar even higher for other Keyboards.



Dots is a simple game to explain; connect as many same-colored dots as possible in 60 seconds. This may not seem like much but once you download this app on your device it will be there for a very long time because you will find out quickly how addicting this game is. Dots also offers connectivity with Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus to allow you to share scores with your friends.

Play Newsstand


As you will probably notice later after using your new Android phone for a bit, the Play Newsstand app comes pre-installed (at least on most Android phones). But that doesn’t matter because this news reader app is definitely worth mentioning. It’s Google’s own news reader and they have definitely put some time and effort into making the look and feel amazing. You can add websites like AndroidMeter and even RSS feeds into one good-looking time line of breaking news.

So there you have it folks, a keyboard, a game, and a news reader. All of these apps will get you ready to take full advantage of your new Android phone and or tablet. Before we go we wanted to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas and we hope you all have a great day with your family today. And of course enjoy your new Android phones and or tablets.

Download | SwiftKey | Dots | Newsstand

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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

(Author) - I am currently attending college to receive my degree in Computer Science with a pipe dream to someday work at Google. I love everything about android and smartphones and always love learning more about them or anything else tech wise. I also love developing Android apps and learning new types of code in my spare time. My current devices I use are my LG Optimus G and Nexus 7, Pebble watch is still on the way.
Nicholas Terry