The BACtrack is a small portable breathalyzer that connects to your smart phone and gives you real time information about your Blood Alcohol Level. It is something that the team got to see at CES and was then given a unit to review and after having it for a few weeks I’ve been able to get with some friends who were able to help me test it out and really see how the device works!

First you are asked to connect the device to your phone through the application

Once you do this you are asked to then blow into the device. It also checks that you have waited 15 minutes before using the device to insure an accurate result. Once you give your “sample” it then analyses what it was given and you will be given a screen that tells you what your BAC result is.

With each result it tells you a bit of information about it and gives you the ability to learn more by clicking a link shown in the picture as “Learn more about this BAC result”

Though it is not a device I see myself using any time soon (seeing as I am currently 19) it can be a very helpful little device. It is currently retailing at $149.99 USD and can be purchased through the bactrack website. It is currently for both iPhone and Android however what would be really cool is if we were to see something like this come out with Glassware so that the device can be used with Glass and a user could be given the opportunity to know exactly how long they have until they are at a 0.00 BAC level. In all it is a great thing for anyone who drinks regularly or even someone who just wants to make sure that they are as sober as the feel after a glass of wine at dinner.

For more information visit the BACtrack Website

All tests, experiments, and use of the device was performed legally by people above the age of 21 and without any driving or operation of a vehicle involved.

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