Feeling that the AT&T and T-mobile merger will be a bad thing? Well the FCC agrees in a new report and also the childish response of AT&T.

The FCC thought the deal would lessen competition, end up losing jobs, and that AT&T will end up building it’s network out anyways. AT&T just wants it to be easier, grab more customers and that would result in way more cha-ching!

These are some quotes from the AT&T’s counter report.

The document is so obviously one-sided that any fair-minded person reading it is left with the clear impression that it is an advocacy piece, and not a considered analysis.

And this is their reasoning:

The report states, based purely on speculation, that AT&T will expand its LTE deployment from 80% of the population to 97.4% even without the merger.  The report says this will occur because AT&T will be forced to do so by competition, despite documents and sworn declarations by AT&T to the contrary.

There is a lot more to read if you click here for the full counter argument.

Now, if only the FCC could break apart Comcast; I would die a happy man.


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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino