AndroidMeter is holding a live Hangout tonight on Google+ with guest star xMortarman from TheNextGamer Network. Tune in to find out how to grab yourself an Ingress invite from AndroidMeter!

Good discussions planned for tonight like the Aaron Swartz case, the $17,000 Linux powered sniper rifle, and the Motorola X Phone!

The Ingress invite giveaway rules will be states at theĀ beginning, middle, and end of the podcast and also on our site so if you can’t join at 6pm EST or can’t make it at all, you still have a chance to win!

So be sure to tune in, ask your questions, and enjoy the show!

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Nikolas Pereira

Nikolas Pereira

Nikolas built his first Desktop PC when he was just 9 years old. Ever since his obsession with technology has done nothing but grow. His first experience with mobile development was with the initial release of the Palm Pre in 2009. He experimented with rooting and mobile development. When Verizon released the Droid Eris in 2010, Nik bought it and his love for Android exploded. Since then he has been rooting, sideloading apps, and flashing custom ROMs on all his devices. Nik develops Android applications for a living. He currently has 4 applications on Google Play. In his spare time he can be found tinkering with his HTC Incredible 2, developing Android apps, and scouring the web for everything and anything Android.
Nikolas Pereira