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For my second application review I wanted to review an app that made a difference. Not a difference to your phone, but a difference to this Country. First let me tell you a little bit about the COMPANY this app is all about.

I emailed the CFO of Truckers America to see what he had to say about his company and about his Android application.

He had this to say:

When Truckers America L.L.C. was established back in July 2011, our vision was for us to become the ‘go-to’ recruiting company for all truck drivers around the nation. That vision has since expanded to becoming the best international recruiting firm in the world. Since our inception, we have successfully placed hundreds of Class-A CDL truck driving candidates with top trucking companies throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide an even greater benefit to the world economy and its dedicated work force. We have now introduced a new Android App that will be live on Google Play by 8/6/2012! We had this app designed with the thought in mind to make accessing our dedicated team of recruiters even easier than before. Our company has grown due to the individual attention that we continue to provide each and every driver; this app simply continues to reflect our proven system. As Truckers America continues to grow, so will our app. We firmly believe that in order to access to widest group of people possible, we need to utilize every avenue that’s out there; and nowadays that’s a lot! As well as our app, we have an established Facebook, Twitter, blog, and YouTube. You can find us on all of our social media outlets by searching ‘Truckers America’. Our app will continue to be one of our many focuses moving forward and will also receive updates that will benefit not only the company, but also drivers. One goal that we continue to remain focused on is that of safety. In the transportation industry, not operating safely will make or break a business. We want to continue to stress this not only to our employees and clients, but to our driver candidates as well. Coming soon, text-to-speech functionality will be available on our app to ensure complete hands-free use while driving a truck (or car). We hope that you enjoy our new app, and hope that it will help Truckers America achieve its goal of getting America back to work ONE driver at a time!

Talk about a company that is dedicated to helping unemployed truck drivers get jobs, and THEY DO IT ALL FOR FREE! That’s right guys, they don’t charge these drivers a dime to utilize their recruitment skills. They honestly want to put America back to work one driver at a time.

Now onto the application……


The application has a clean interface and it is sleek. The app is not feature packed, nor does it need to be, but it executes its simple tasks in an elegant manner. The picture on the left is Truckers America’s purpose, mission, and vision.








Included in the application is full phone call and email functionality. With the press of a button a truck driver can be on the phone with a recruiting specialist or a pre-completed email can be sent with the driver only having to fill out their basic information. The contact screen also lists the company’s main number, main email address, website information, and HQ address. This easy contact method enables drivers and recruiters to make first contact literally at the push of a button.







The Truckers America android application also lets drivers fill out and submit a quick apply form. It asks for basic information then send it to a recruiting specialist. This gives drivers a quick way to make contact and lets recruiters get a little bit of information from the drivers. This form takes about 2 minutes to fill out and a recruiter is usually in touch within 24 hours.








The Truckers America Android Application was created by a small start-up company based in New England called Geek Center Services. They only have 3 apps in the market (Truckers America being the only free one), but they seem to be worth checking out (that is if you like tattoos and live in New England or you like making fun of your friends).






Conclusion: If your a truck driver in need of unemployment or you know someone who is, download the app and get your dream job today because Truckers America is puttin America to work ONE driver at a time.

You can check out the Truckers America Website HERE

You can grab the Truckers America Android Application HERE

You can check out Geek Center Services other apps HERE & HERE and their website HERE

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