For my first ever Android app review, I wanted to review an application that I use, and have been using for a while. Now, this specific program does require ROOT ACCESS, but in my personal opinion its a fair trade off to not see all those pesky ads in free and “lite” versions of your favorite apps.

AdAway is a free open source ad blocker for Android. AdAway rewrites the Android system host files using files from its own sources, and sources you can add manually, to block ads from being shown in applications on your device. AdAway has had over 100,000 downloads and has thousand of excellent reviews, including one from yours truly.


AdAway starts by downloading your new and improved hosts file and rewriting the existing ones in your system. There is also an option to disable the apps ad blocking capabilities and restoring your devices default host files. Host files, by my observation, are updated quite frequently.

If you enter the apps setting pane, you will see several options, including “Host Sources”. Here is where you will see the existing host sourced AdAway uses to rewrite your default host files and you have the ability to add your own host sources manually by pressing the plus sign on the top right corner. All you need is your chosen host sources’s URL and your all set.

Another option you will see in the settings pane is “Log DNS Requests”.  This option allows you to run TcpDump, which is a tool to monitor DNS requests and save them in a log file. You can start TcpDump and let it run in the background while you open apps that display labs. Afterwards you can analyze the DNS requests in the log files and then add these to your AdAway black list, thus eliminating the ads that AdAway couldn’t catch.

Another option in the settings pane is “Scan For Adware”. Here is where you can scan for Adware applications that AdAway CANNOT block. AdAway tells you the only way to fix these applications is to uninstall them. After a search on my device, AdAway determined that an app i had installed named “Podio” was an Adware application. I believe it came to judge this app this way because Podio notifies me of events even when Podio is not running.

The last option you shall see in the settings pane is “Donations”. This is an open source application, so if you did find AdAway useful you can choose to support the developer by donating or “Flattr-ing” them. Also leaving a rating and review via Google Play is an option.

This may have seen like a long review, but when I write a review I want to make sure I cover as much as I can. If you would like to give AdAway a try, you can search it on Google Play or Click Here.

The Developer, DOMINIK SCHÜRMANN has several other applications on Google Play that may be worth looking at especially FasterGPS.


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Justin Duino

Justin Duino

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Justin Duino