fieldrunners 2

Now I know that we have recently had another tower defense game as our app of the week here at AndroidMeter but when a game is this good it has to be featured on our site. As you probably guessed from the title that tower defense game is Fieldrunners 2, a game that came out recently as has already become a popular game, for good reason. So what is that good reason? The game is fun! Everything about this game is filled with fun from the silly animations and cartoon style to the selection of towers to choose from.

Lets get down to what really makes this game as great as it is. First off there is a nice selection of towers to choose from, from machine gun towers to towers that shoot bee hives out you will never get bored with the towers. Speaking of the towers another thing that makes this game great is how simple it is when playing, to upgrade your towers for example all you have to do  is click on your tower and hit the upgrade button that pops up. If you don’t wanna upgrade your tower two other buttons pop up as well, the sell button and the question mark button which tells you about that specific tower you have selected.

Fieldrunners 2 is a huge game, there a turrets to buy with currency that you earn from completing missions and turrets you unlock with stars you earn based off the difficulty you beat a mission on. Along with this there is a huge map to conquer that keeps things fresh and always has new missions for you, all of this combined makes for an amazing game that sets the bar for future tower defense games to come.

Download Link| Fieldrunners 2


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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

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Nicholas Terry