This week’s app is a little different from last week’s app, it is a personalization app instead of a game. It is called Pattrn and although it is still in Beta it is very useful and a beautiful app. What Pattrn does is gives you a plethora of thousands of wallpapers to choose from but that’s not what makes this app useful. What makes it useful is that you can set the app to assign you a new random wallpaper every day, every week or every month and you’ll never be disappointed because they are all beautiful and made for HD displays. I used the app on my LG Optimus G and on my Nexus 7 and the wallpapers I used looked absolutely great on both of my devices. That little feature alone sets the app apart from all other wallpaper apps and makes it much more fun and useful.

When you open the app it will have a beautiful visual list of all of the wallpapers to choose from in either the Latest category, Popular category, or You category which is all of the wallpapers you have previously used and your favorite wallpapers that you’ve selected. The app also has a search function that lasts you pinpoint a certain type of wallpaper you want and find it quickly.

Once you use this app you will keep it on your device like I ended up doing because it will keep your device looking fresh and new all the time.

Download Link| Pattrn


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Nicholas Terry

Nicholas Terry

(Author) - I am currently attending college to receive my degree in Computer Science with a pipe dream to someday work at Google. I love everything about android and smartphones and always love learning more about them or anything else tech wise. I also love developing Android apps and learning new types of code in my spare time. My current devices I use are my LG Optimus G and Nexus 7, Pebble watch is still on the way.
Nicholas Terry